A Real Time Story

Screen capture of the web project. It's a webcam image of a bar assistant taking a break reading a magazine or newspaper.
Web Project. 2013

“A real time story” is an audiovisual web project in real time that talks about the privacy of the images obtained from different webcams and how they are shown on the Internet. This “panoptic” piece seeks to make the viewer question where he or she is looking and reflect on the concept of public space to the detriment of the space of freedom.

Watching these contents makes us complices of their surveillance, going from surveillance to self-surveillance. The threshold between privacy and security is something that can be exceeded depending on the uses made of these images.

Each selected webcam has a pre-designated keyword associated with it, which is used to search for tweets that contain it. These tweets are then used by a script as subtitles of the image generating a piece in real time abandoned to a kind of diegesis.

Thanks for the technical help: Marta Casado and Antonio Sanchez.