Random User

Imagen que muestra cuatro monitores y dos webcams, en ellas aparecen 4 rostros masculinos de personas conectadas a la web chatroulette.com
Multimedia installation connected to the website chatroulette.com Collective exhibition “Not Exclusiv”, Kassel 2012.

Installation of four monitors with videoconferences with anonymous people. These videoconferences are held within the videochat Chatroulette.com website which has the particularity that one of the two participants in the conversation can choose to change to a next anonymous one to which they will connect randomly.

Random User talks about the concept of anonymity and virtual interaction with other people via the Internet. The concept of anonymity proper of cities is also transferred to the extensive network that is the Internet through virtual communities. The social relations in this context have been changing spatially and temporally and the boundaries between the public, the private and the intimate have been fading away, where in cases like the Chatroulette page one reaches exhibitionism, where anonymity is thrown into the extensive web to be exposed to the gaze of anyone. From personal intimacy to collective exhibitionism.